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Medical equipment SENSITEC

Patient monitors
Patient monitoring equipment: SENSITEC PM-9000, SENSITEC MEC-1200, MINDRAY PM-7000, MINDRAY PM-8000 Express.
Fifth-generation digital colposcope SENSITEC SLC-2000 with 36x optical zoom, videocolposcope
Software for digital colposcopy
Syringe infusion pumps
1-syringe, 2-syringe infusion pumps and dispensers:WZS-50F6, WZ-50C6T, WZ-50C66T.
1, 3, 12-channel ECG mashines: ECG-1001A, ECG-1001B, ECG-1003, ECG-1012
Infusion Pumps
Infusion Volumetric Pumps. Infusion speed: 1- 600 ml/h. 7 alarm moods.
IV Poles (IV stands)
Steel chrome-plate Normal care, Intensive care, OR, Bed type, Wall Rail System, Carrier system, Ceiling IV-Pole.

Medical equipment with the name of SENSITEC produces with the Dutch company Apexmed International BV. Apexmed exclusive dealer of medical equipment. In the range of medical equipment includes: IV poles, infusion pumps, electrocardiographs, syringe pumps, colposcopes and patient monitors. Also, our company represents the largest manufacturer of medical equipment from China - Mindray, in this range, we offer patient monitors and ultrasound machines.


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